February 2, 2013

Hubbies accused of marital rape refuse to apply for bail

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In a shocking trend, men accused of marital rape by their wives have started refusing to apply for bail and prefer to stay inside jail.

Said, a lawyer who specialized in bails, “Yes, we are seeing this unusual trend of men accused of marital rape refusing to apply for bail; for some weird reason, they are preferring to stay inside.”

Na-Real times thought of investigating more into the issue and visited the Trihar Jail premises to talk to a few men who are accused of marital rape.

Shocking revelations have come out as almost 95% of the cases turned out to be false. The men revealed that they have been frivolously charged of marital rape.

One man said, “My wife filed a complaint of marital rape after I could not satisfy her constant demand for diamonds.”

Another one continued, “My wife had a constant demand for sex. She would just not bother if I am fresh or tired or in a mood. One day when I could no longer take it and put my foot down, she booked me in marital rape.”

There were many more like these men, who clearly said, that neither they have any interest in outside world or any hope or faith on the judiciary that they would get any justice.

While they were serving the term of an undertrial, one of them mooted the idea of boycotting the bail. Others jumped to it and joined the bandwagon.

The jailor rued at the development, “This is insane. People wait to get out of here and I am used to seeing people hate this place. But this weird group of husbands seems to be loving this place, but it can be a serious issue if their number increases and we worry we will lack the infrastructure to support these guys.”

Explained, a lawyer, on condition of anonymity, “There is no such mandate on a person to file for bail once arrested, though it is his right which he may choose to ignore and not file for bail. Hence, we may not be able to take any action against these men who have refused to file for bail.”

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